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About Me

Hi, I'm Zahra!


Graphic designer/Illustrator/Artist

As a British Pakistani creative, my main

aim is to depict narratives concerning people

from the South Asian diaspora.

I'm currently working as the graphic designer for Pardesi, creating

any digital assets that they need including content for their Instagram page, go check them out! Alongside Pardesi, I work full-time as a UX/Graphic Designer at The Pilot Group. My work is up at the

Halcyon Digital Art Exhibition 2019 and I am also one of

Fuse Directory's listed designers.

I'm a graduate of De Montfort University who studied a B.A

in Graphic Design and Illustration (2018-2021), achieving a First Class honours. Before going to university I achieved Distinction from

Xaverian College's Art Foundation course.


Email me at by clicking on the

email icon at the bottom left corner of the screen :)

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